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A-levels are typical English school leaving qualifications and represent the preferred university admission standard in the UK. With us you can do your A-levels in one or more years. Find out more


Our Foundation Courses are one or two year courses that offer the safest route to UK university entry. We guarantee that successful students will be admitted to UK universities. Find out more


We train students for interview practice so they can perform at their best at interviews. Find out more. We are highly experienced in preparing students for the IELTS test. Read more


Having placed more than 3000 of our own students we are experts in  producing the best applications. Free to our own students this service is offered to independent students for a fee. Read more


These subject-specific admission tests are necessary for admission to highly competitive subjects and institutions. We offer short courses to help candidates improve their scores. Read more


We joined the College scared and shy, not knowing what it was going to be like.... Today we leave Foundation College with new skills, new friends and a ticket for the UK. It was a great experience .. Read more


- Online A-levels start in September 2018
These new courses concern Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology A-levels (IAL) that will be offered by live classes commencing in September 2018. The courses are modular (which means that you enrol and pay for those modules that you choose to attend). These will be delivered over a two year period which matches the time scale envisaged by typical A-level courses (and contrasts with our live class courses which we have been teaching - and still teach - as one year courses). Classes will be three times per week over ten weeks and a full A-level will be covered in six such ten week periods over two years. Visit the tutors4exams site. 

- Brexit and its effect on Greek students

The British government announced that European students who start their degree in England or Wales in September 2019 will receive the tuition fee loan for their entire study. Read announcement

- Pearson prizes 2017
We are proud for ex-students Manolis A and Amalia H who won important Pearson-Edexcel International A-level (IAL) prizes for the year 2017. Amalia earned the best IAL Biology and IAL Chemistry grades in Greece and Manolis earned the best Physics IAL grade in Greece and the best Further Mathematics IAL grade in the world!   Read more about these prizes. 

- Great results again this year

Our 2018 A-level results continued our tradition of excellence with Danai achieving A*A*A and securing her place to study Physics at Imperial College. Byron C achieved A*AB and was accepted to study Mechanical Engineering in Bath while Anna K achieved A*A and was admitted to study Economics in Bath.
Our 2017 A-level results featured the outstanding A*A*A*A*A* by Manolis A who was admitted in Cambridge, and the remarkable A*A*A* by Amalia H. and  A*A*AA by Dimitris K. both of who were admitted at UCL. Panoraia C. who achieved A*A*AB was admitted at Warwick. 

- Maths and Physics Exam Practice for  A-levels
Our courses envisage a lot of exam revision and practice. These sessions are open to any external students who wish to attend in preparation for their exams. 

- Study medicine in the UK
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- Foundation College students score top grade in the world in A-level Maths and Further Maths
After Ioannis Kalamaras won the Edexcel prize for Mathematics in 2015, Manolis Angelidakis won the Edexcel prize for Further Mathematics in 2017.

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