Questions and Answers about Foundation Courses and GCE A-levels and their role in helping Greek students study in British Universities. Click above to watch the video.
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  • Foundation College student scores top grade in the world
    One of our GCE A-level students scored the top grade in International A-level Mathematics in the world. Read more about it.
  • Brexit and its effect on Greek students
    Nothing changes for students that started in 2016 and for those who will start in September 2017 (tuition fee loan is guaranteed to cover entire degree).
  • Applying for Medicine in the UK.
    Advice for candidates for medicine in the UK. Download booklet 
  • On-Line Student Support
    Foundation College students have access to our proprietary on-line support system.Every week and for every subject there is a new set of notes as well as a new assignment or a new quiz . Read more
  • Distance Learning
    You can complete the foundation year from home. Read more
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