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Study from the comfort of your home!

Foundation College is now offering a one year foundation programme by live classes online. You can attend live classes using your PC, tablet or smartphone to complete a foundation year without your physical presence in classes. From  October 2019 students can choose to study one or more subjects by online live classes from the comfort of their home. These online-taught subjects not only prepare you for your study in UK universities but they also secure your admission to some of the best universities: we guarantee that students offering the Greek apolitirion plus good passes in two academic subjects as well as a pass in the "Academic English" course will secure their admission to most UK universities. Alternativey three academic subjects will admit students to UK universities without an apolitirion. Furthermore our Academic English is an excellent preparation for the IELTS test so you need not take extra classes for the IELTS.  

Each online-taught subject is taught by two hourly sessions per week over a period of 30 teaching weeks starting in October and ending in May each year. The course offers students the option to gain certification by a set of written assessments (online and by physical presence) which formalise their achievement and can be used for entry at university in the UK and possibly in other countries. This means that students can take these course to become familiar with their subject in English and need not sit our written exams to gain a qualification. Another important option is that of extra tutorial classes every fortnight which gives students the opportunity to be present in live classes to consolidate the taught material and see examples of application of what has been taught in the online classes. This means students who can travel to Athens every other Saturday can also benefot from real classes while living in another city or town. If you prefer our traditional class-taught foundation programme read on.

To study on our online classes you need access to the internet. Our classes are delivered on zoom, an online teaching platform which is freely available to download on your PC, tablet or mobile phone. Using this platform you can watch and hear your teacher speak while looking at presentation slides, whiteboard scribbling and you can ask questions orally or type them on a message board.

An advantage of the new programme is that you pay for each subject and each option separately which not only makes this programme ideal for the tight-budgeted student. For example, some students only need to take Mathematics, or Physics to familiarise themselves with these subjects before embarking on their study on English-speaking courses in counties other than the UK. The online courses makes this possible at a very competitive cost. 

Admission is open to anyone who wishes to join but it is strongly recommended that students have a good level of English (equivalent to a pass at the First Certificate or IELTS 5.0) and have completed GCSE equivalent level in respective subjects which is typically the academic level achieved after ten years of national school education.

Studying online successfully requires self-discipline. Practice exercises are being set after each class but you will be responsible for checking the correctness of your work through mark schemes rather than having your work checked and corrected by a teacher. The optional assessment component includes weekly multiple choice quizzes which offer further practice opportunities as well as three written examinations that require the student's physical presence at Foundation College on three occasions during the academic year.

Subjects Offered

Mathematics (A-level syllabus)

Physics (A-level syllabus)

Economics (A-level syllabus)

Biology (A-level syllabus)

Academic English (specialist syllabus)

Tuition Fees

Online course attendance: 900 Euro  per subject

Fortnightly tutorial class attendance at Foundation College: 300 euro per subject

Written Assessments and Certification: 130 GBP per subject

Note that tuition fees do not include the purchase of recommended textbooks (estimated at about 70-150 euro per subject at online bookshops). Application Counselling is offered at no extra cost to those student who complete three subjects from our programme. 


You may apply for the onine courses using the onine application. Click the APPLY button at the top of this page.

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