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We are an award winning centre that teaches A-levels and Foundation Courses since1988. Having started teaching online courses in 2019 we are ready for all contingencies


A-levels are the typical admission standard for UK universities.You can do your A-levels with us in one or more years. We now also offer live classes online  Find out more


Our Foundation Courses offer the safest route to UK university entry. Now you can take our foundation programme by live classes online from your home. Find out more

Application Service

We can help you apply to study in the UK. Our experienced counsellors will select the best options for you. Find out more

IELTS, Interview prep and more

We train students for interview practice so they can perform at their best at interviews. Find out more. We are highly experienced in preparing students for the IELTS test. Read more


These subject-specific admission tests are necessary for admission to highly competitive subjects and institutions. We offer short courses to improve your score. Read more

live on-line courses

Since September 2019 we offer many of our courses with live classes online. You stay home, yet you are in live interactive classes. No lockdowns can impede your progress. Read more


- Information sessions on zoom
Ask your questions by live meeting on zoom. No need to travel to our offices, no need to worry about parking your car or getting on the bus. Call us on 2105243600 to book your meeting.

- IELTS prep course for only 149€
A 5 week course at 5 hours per week including 2 real class and 2 online sessions per week that you can watch from home. Read more

- Further Mathematics A-level taught exclusively by live classes on zoom
This year our Further Mathematics classes are exclusively online. This allows students to attend live classes for this specialist course from all over the world. 

- A-level Results 2019
Our students made us proud again in August 2019 with a large number achieving A*. Here is a brief list of achievements:  Maria K goes to Cambridge (Sidney Sussex) for Archeology, Maria F goes to St Andrews for Biology, and Nikos goes to UCL Biomedical Engineering. Stavriani goes to Nottingham for Medicine while Ion, Max and Nikos K go to Manchester for Business Finance, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Among other notable achievements, Eleni and Mariza go to Lancaster, and, at last, an A in Psychology A-level - credit goes to Ion for this achievement! 

- Prizes 2019
We are proud to announce yet more prizes in the latest Edexcel exam series. Eleanna earned the highest grade in Greece in A-level Economics and Vassilis earned the highest grade in Greece in A-level Greek. These achievements broaden the range of subjects where our students achieve outstanding results. We now have outstanding results in Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology. Economics and Greek! All these have been achieved within the last 4 years. Read more. 

- Outstanding School Award
After a great year in 2017 that saw our students come top of the world in Further Mathematics and best in Greece in Physics Chemistry and Biology A-levels, we are proud to receive the "Outstanding School" Award from Pearson/Edexcel read more. 

- New flexible foundation course taught online

In September 2019 we start a new flexible A-level nad/or foundation programme where students can select one or more subjects and study from home by online live classes while also having the option to come to real classes every fortnight. Students only pay for the subjects they study and can certify their competence for admission to university either by sitting A-level exams or by sitting our own foundation course exams. As more and more students aim to study for their degree in countries teaching in English (such as Holland, Sweden, the USA and more) these courses offer an excellent preparation for university study read more

- A-level centre in Leoforos Kifisias 299

In September 2020 we will be teaching two-year A-level courses in good proximity to local schools at the IMS premises in Leoforos Kifisias 299. read more

- Brexit and its effect on Greek students

The British government announced that European students who start their degree in England or Wales in September 2020 will receive the tuition fee loan for their entire study. Read announcement

- Pearson prizes
We are proud for ex-students Manolis A and Amalia H who won important Pearson-Edexcel International A-level (IAL) prizes for the year 2017. Amalia earned the best IAL Biology and IAL Chemistry grades in Greece and Manolis earned the best Physics IAL grade in Greece and the best Further Mathematics IAL grade in the world!   Read more about these prizes. 

- Great results again in 2017-18

Our 2018 A-level results continued our tradition of excellence with Danai achieving A*A*A and securing her place to study Physics at Imperial College. Byron achieved A*AB and was accepted to study Mechanical Engineering in Bristol while Anna achieved A*A and was admitted to study Economics in Bath.
Our 2017 A-level results featured the outstanding A*A*A*A*A* by Manolis who was admitted in Cambridge, and the remarkable A*A*A* by Amalia H. and  A*A*AA by Dimitris both of who were admitted at UCL. Panoraia who achieved A*A*AB was admitted at Warwick. 

- Study medicine in the UK  Download Booklet

- Foundation College students score top grade in the world in A-level Maths and Further Maths
After Ioannis Kalamaras won the Edexcel prize for Mathematics in 2015, Manolis Angelidakis won the Edexcel prize for Further Mathematics in 2017.

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