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Our Foundation Courses prepare students who wish to pursue their university education in Britain. The curriculum of the courses follows typical A-level material which is what most British students have covered when they enter university. The programme can be studied over one year - which lasts a total of 30 weeks of teaching starting in mid-September and ending in mid-June - or over two years as part-time to suit students who wish to complete it along the final two years of their Lykeion. Teaching of classes is in English and aims to familiarise students with the use of English for academic purposes. This year students have the option of studying one or more subjects through online live classes from the comfort of their home. This competitively priced option suits students who live far from the college. 


The programme was designed as an access course for entry to specific universites and as such it is currently accepted by the majority of British Universities as an entry qualification and, as such, it offers students not only a great introduction of what they should expect at university but also a secure admission to their preferred degrees. Here is a list of final student placements over previous years.


Important features of the programme include continuous assessment and full online support. These discipline students to complete their homework regularly and alleviate much of the anxiety of final exams. Our online support is effected by a dedicated learning platform which complements each class with study notes, exercises, quizzes and learning management material. The level of support is such that it allows students who live away from Athens to take the programme as a distance learning course. Extra English language classes, where necessary, and a rigorous IELTS preparatory programme are also envisaged. Last, but not least, we offer our expert UCAS application service to ensure that all our students submit excellent applications. 


We offer five distinct foundation courses each of which is suitable for a range of different academic disciplines. Students usually choose the course that best matches their destination degree course but they are free to choose subjects of their interest from two or more courses if they so wish. For high-profile students who make a late decision to study in the UK we offer an intensive foundation course that runs over seven weeks in early summer to enable students to enter the first year at University in the coming September/October. Our Foundation Programme is complemented by our A-level programme which secures access to the most demanding institutions and some highly competitive disciplines such as medicine

Engineering and Science

Subjects and Teaching Schedule

Mathematics at 5 hours/week
Physics at 4 hours/week
Computer Science at 4 hours/week
Academic English & IELTS at 4 hours/week

Biological Sciences

Subjects and Teaching Schedule

Academic English & IELTS at 4 hours/week
plus a choice of three from:
Mathematics at 5 hours/week
Biology at 5 hours/week
Chemistry at 5 hours/week
Physics at 4 hours/week

Business and Economics

Subjects and Teaching Schedule

Mathematics at 5 hours/week
Economics at 4 hours/week
Computer Science at 4 hours/week
Academic English & IELTS at 4 hours/week

Humanities and Law

Subjects and Teaching Schedule

Academic English & IELTS at 4 hours/week
plus a choice of three from:
History at 4 hours/week
Law at 4 hours/week
English Literature at 4 hours/week
Psychology at 4 hours/week

Architecture and Design

Subjects and Teaching Schedule

Mathematics at 5 hpw
Design at 4 hpw
Academic English at 4 hpw
plus one from
Physics at 4 hpw
Computer Science at 4 hpw

Online Course

Choose any subject(s) from Mathematics, Physics, Economics, Biology and Academic English and study from the comfort of your home in online live classes. Each subject is taught by two hourly sessions per week plus an optional two hour conventional class at the College every other Saturday.

What our students say

"Past papers contain all types of questions from a broad range of difficulty. By doing these past papers in class we could review all the syllabus without focusing on anything specific .This allows us to be able to hone the skills in every part of the tested syllabus and understand what questions are set and how we should go on to answer them."

Ioannis Tzoumas, University of Glasgow, Accounting and Finance 

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