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Psychometric Test Training Programme

College is now offering this important programme to prepare candidates who apply for positions in companies that employ this kind of testing as part of their selection procedure. The purpose of the programme is to enhance key skills such as verbal understanding, numarical competency, schematic comprehension and situational judgement, skills that are commmonly tested in personnel selection and to familiarise candidates with taking such tests on a PC.

The College has considerable experience in training UK medical school candidates to take the UKCAT, a highly demanding psychometric test that many medical school candidates have to take as part of their application. Foundation College has been offering a dedicated UKCAT course since 2012 with spectacular results. We are now extending this provision to help candidates for the increasing number positions where such candidate assessment is envisaged. The term "psychometric testing" tends to confuse people who often think that psychometric tests have to do with psychological traits and personality traits. They do not. Psychometric tests are aptitude tests that assess cognitive ability and broader intelligence as well as the ability of the candidate to understand work-based situations and social dynamics and make appropriate decisions as regards prioritisation, delegation and reporting. While aptitude cannot be taught in a brief programme, all students benefit from revising and practising skills that date back from their early school days. The programme also aims to familiarise students in taking such tests electronically on a PC. The programme is delivered in English as most such tests are conducted in English so an excellent knowledge of English is necessary.

Key skills targeted by the programme:

- Verbal Reasoning - understanding essential information in (English) texts and drawing inportant conclusions

- Numerical Reasoning - being able to draw quantitiative information from graphs and diagnrams and to carry out simple calculations to determine a relevant quantity (with or without using a calculator)

- Abstract Reasoning - understanding schematic sequences and properties of schematic groups and determining where a new figure belongs.

- Situational Judgement - understanding important issues is a management scenario and deciding on the most appropriate course of action

Duration of the Programme:

A total of 50 hours over five weeks (successive weeks) - The taught component is taught over four 2-hour sessions plus extra practice online sessions every week. Students also spend two hours every week on our dedicated online training facilites at PCs in the College.

Starting dates.

This is a new programme and therefore we have no fixed starting dates for the future other than aiming to start the first cohort on Monday 5 November 2014. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the start of the programme if fewer than 8 students have enrolled on the programme.

Admission Requirements:

The programme is aimed at graduates or final year students of higher education institutions who possess good English (at least Cambridge "Advanced" level or IELTS 6.5).

Cost of Tuition:

The cost of the programme is 900 euro payable at the start of the programme.

Enrolling on the programme:

To participate, you should complete a non-committing participation form by clicking here, or send an email to quoting you name, date of birth and a contact phone number. Alternatively, you may contact us on 210-5244900.

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