Prepare for your study in Britain in parallel with the Lykeion

More and more Greek students opt to study in the UK rather than take national panhellenic exam. It is now possible to do A-levels or to complete our foundation programme by evening study while at the same time you can complete the Lykeio. You will be studying on our courses instead of going to frostistirio classes. This will not only prepare you well for your study in the UK by teaching you academic courses, such as Maths and History, in English but it will also secure your admission at some of the best universities. Because our classes are in the evening students can readily attend while the cost of the programme is a lot less than a typical IB programme. Furthermore, it allows students to complete the Greek school and thus obtain the Apolitirion.

Our parallel programme is very flexible meaning that you can take some courses in one year (typically when you are in your 2nd year of Lykeion) and some courses in the next year (when you will be completing the Lykeion. You may opt to do the parallel course in just one year, along the final year of their Lykeion. More importantly, by doing British qualifications you will secure your place at some of the best universities in the UK and, of course, you will be totally prepared for your study when you start university.

Some students and their parents are misinformed in that the apolitirion must be had and with a very good grade to ensure admission in the UK This is true only for those who look for admission on the strength of their apolitirion only and you should note that most good universities, like Lancaster University, will not admit students unless they also secure good grade in panhellenic exams. If you take A-levels or one of our foundation courses you will be admitted on the strength of your A-levels or your foundation course grades and you will not be asked to show your apolitirion. This is something we guarantee!