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Foundation Courses

Our Foundation Courses prepare students who wish to pursue their university education in Britain. The curriculum of the programme aims to bring students to a level equivalent to passes in three GCE A-level subjects. The one-year foundation courses last for two semesters (total of 30 weeks of teaching) starting at the beginning of October and ending in mid-June. Attendance of classes is on a daily basis with 4-5 teaching periods (hours) on average per day depending on the specific foundation course. The course can also be taken over two years as part-time to suit students who wish to complete it along the final two years of Greek Lykeion. All our foundation courses are delivered in English.

There are five distinct foundation courses each of which is suitable for a range of different academic disciplines. Students choose the course that best matches their destination degree course. Click on the title of the foundation programme from the list on the left to find the list of taught subjects for each programme and the corresponding number of teaching hours per week.

Foundation College also offers an intensive summer foundation course which enables high-profile students to enter the first year at University after an intensive 7 week course taught between mid-June and beginnning of August each year. This course is suitable for dedicated students who are able to endure a very intensive programme. You should note that some institutions may not accept students from the summer course.

For those international candidates whose English is at a level below IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL ibT 70, the College offers a range of intensive pre-sessional language courses which last from one month to two semesters and aim to bring students to a level of English equivalent to IELTS 5.0 or TOEFL ibT 70 level. In these courses students are taught English for 5 hours every day from Monday to Friday.

Why study in Britain?

University education in Britain is the top choice for many students around the world. British Universities maintain a strong tradition for academic excellence, and provide first class training in many academic fields. In addition, students benefit from perfecting their English, not merely a foreign language but the international language of trade and science. Read more..

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