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Dr. Dimitris Valsamis, Director of Foundation College

More than 25 years ago, I was fortunate to choose Britain for my higher education having had my parents' moral and financial support. At the time, I took a very demanding GCE A-level course alongside my final year at Greek school and managed to obtain three A-levels successfully. This earned me a place to study for my degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at UMIST. So, at 17, I found myself studying away from home in Manchester.

It was an exciting experience and one which equipped me with much more than academic knowledge. Living away from home and succeeding in my endeavours gave me courage and confidence that I would not have otherwise obtained. This aspect of education in Britain was one that I had not imagined or expected but looking back it was probably the most important and valuable.

Britain is indeed an ideal country for higher education. Universities are well-organised and equipped while their staff is made up of friendly, knowledgeable and competent instructors. Life in the country is open-minded, easy-going and very tolerant of other cultures which makes it an ideal place for foreign students. Being educated in English offers a competitive advantage in the international world of professionals.

Today I feel fortunate and honoured to be in a position to advise and guide young students that are preparing to make the same important step forward. If you believe in hard work and you feel proud of your own achievements, I believe that Foundation College can help you make this important step in your education and your future career. 

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