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Foundation College introduced the concept of the foundation year in Greece in 1988 to help Greek students who chose to study for their degree at British Universities. The curriculum of the foundation year is designed to prepare students from the Greek school system, enter and succeed in degree courses in Britain. The curriulum of our programme offers a variety of subjects to a level equivalent to GCE A-level or AS-level. The course is taught in English and incorporates a specialst course entitled Academic English which aims to familiarise students from a non-English mother tongue background with academic work in English. Successful completion of the foundation course at Foundation College guarantess entry to the first year of respective University courses without the need of additional examinations or other qualifications.

Apart from offering the academic component, Foundation College also looks after all issues related to student application for admission to University as well as other peripheral matters such as student accommmodation, preparation for travel, registration at University and application for fees support for its students. 

Our foundation programme is assessed by coursework and examination thus making it a much safer entry route for diligent students who aim to obtain good results through hard work over the entire academic year rather than depend on final examinations only. The foundation programme at Foundation College is monitored by Lancaster University, one of Britain's top institutions. This makes it acceptable to a large number of other British universities. Over the years, the College established working relationships with a total of 14 British Universities but nowadays students prefer to apply to those universities that they prefer and usually receive admission offers based on their performance in the foundation course.  

At Foundation College we are proud to know that since 1988 we have helped over 3000 students succeed in entering some of the best universities in Britain. A full list of student names with respective destination institution and degree course is available for your reference at the sites of the College. A list of named placements of recent years is also available in this site.

Who can be admitted at Foundation College ?

The foundation programme suits ambitious and hard-working students who wish to study for their Bachelor's degree at some of the best British Universities. Successful applicants need to have a reasonable academic background and the necessary stamina for academic work. Applicants must have an adequate level of English as attested by one of the various English language qualifications such as the Cambridge First Certificate. Other qualifications may also be acceptable while the College sets its own evaluation test in case an English qualification is not offered. The College offers intensive remedial English classes during the entire duration of the foundation course. This allows us to admit students who are somewhat below the desirable level of English provided they understand that they need to work hard to improve their English.

Registration at Foundation College 

Successful applicants are invited to registrer on the programme. At registration students are invited to nominate the degree programme that they wish to follow in Britain and they accordingly placed at the foundation course which offers the most suitable list of subjects. Students may also nominate a collaborating university where they wish to study although they are not committed to this initial choice as they will later choose other universities to put on their UCAS application form. Registration period at Foundation College commences in late June and continues up to the end of September. The one year foundation courses commence at the beginning of October each year, while the intensive summer course commences in late June each year.

Is there a maximum number of students that Foundation College can accept?

Once upon a time there was a maximum number of places in each dergee course of each collaborating institution so the College was bound not to accept more students than could place. This has now changed and Foundation College students progress to universities of their preference. The maximum number of students we can accept is no longer tied to places we have at universities - as these are practically infinite - but rather to the maximum number of students that we can accommodate in our classes.

Do I need to do better than my classmates to succeed ?

Study at Foundation College is not competitive. You are not required to be among the best to achieve entry to University. Universities make conditional offers in the form of specific grades in the subjects that a student takes in the course. Students who meet these grades are automatically accepted. In other words everyone who reaches the standards set by their chosen university are guaranteed admission to this university. British Universities typically ask for grades in the range from 40% to 75% in the various subjects of the foundation course. This represents a level of achievement readily obtainable by our students who, on average, achieve grades of about 65% in the various subjects. This often means that the vast majority of our students proceed to study at their first choice of institution, fact which has made the foundation course a very popular route to entry to British higher education.

Why do you also offer a GCE A-level programme?

The A-levels are the standard English pre-university qualification and a number of the top places in the UK will require them for admission. If you are one of the top students who aims to go to places like Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College and a few others, or you aim to study medicine then you should take GCE A-levels. This is why we offer them. .

Why choose Foundation College?

Similar preparatory courses are offered by other colleges in Greece as well as in the UK. Foundation College, however, being the first institution of its kind in Greece, has accummulated valuable experience from the years that it has been offering its programme but also from monitoring the progression of its students at university in the UK. Our director, Dr Dimitris Valsamis is highly experienced in British education as he has himself studied and lived in Britain for many years. Foundation College is well-known and trusted by most British Universities from the many students that these Universities have admitted from the College in the past. This fact strengthens the prospect of a student receiving a conditional offer from the institution of his/her choice. Our student are free to nominate any British University they wish by including it in their UCAS application and they are likely to receive conditional offers from most of their nominations as attested from the fact that in the recent academic years more than 90 institutions have made conditional offers to our students. For a list of recent offers you may visit the named placement lists of recent years.  Foundation College offers its students full support both academically and administratively. Our academic staff are friendly, experienced and ready to respond to student questions. We believe that our best reference comes from our past students. Do not hesitate to ask them about us and about the quality of our work.

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