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UKCAT at Foundation College

UKCAT Preparatory Programme 2016

28 June - 28 July 2016
Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 am and 2 pm

Tuesday:     verbal reasoning – numerical reasoning
Wednesday:  abstract reasoning – situational judgement
Thursday:  test strategy, practice test & evaluation

UKCAT is an aptitude test and is a prerequisite for entry to most (23 out of 32) medical schools in Britain. With an increasing number of good applicants applying for entry to medicine, medical schools devised an additional test to help them select the best candidates. The UKCAT test is computer-based and can only be taken at specialist test centres (one of which is in Athens) between early July and early October in the period before UCAS applications are submitted. The test can be taken only once in the year of application. Our preparatory programme is expected to increase the candidate’s familiarity with the test, refresh their analytical skills and teach them strategies to secure as high a score as possible. This will increase a candidate'sr chances of admission. For more information and for a sample of a UKCAT test visit the test’s website. We have been offering this course since 2012 and we are pleased to report that our students have secured some very high scores. As we can only offer one class group per year we can only take students on a first come first served basis and therefore early application is recommended.The tuition fees for the UKCAT programme is 1000 euro.

Students who take the UKCAT course are invited to join an interview preparation course that Foundation College offers to its own students (medical candidates plus Oxbridge candidates). The course is delivered by psychologist, Theophano Megalokonomou, who has many years experience in this kind of preparation and a very high success rate. The interview preparation course is separate from the UKCAT course and carries tuition fees of 300 euro.

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