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A-level programme (GCE A-levels and International A-levels)

Foundation College is offering A-levels since September 2009 as an approved Edexcel Teaching and Examinations Centre. The A-level programme will interest ambitious high school students who aspire to gain admission to some of the best British Universities.

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A-levels are English pre-university qualifications which most English students earn as they complete school in order to gain admission to university. Foundation College is now offering GCE A-level courses as an examination centre for Edexcel which is one of the largest formal examination boards offering these qualifications. A-levels represent a strong university admission qualification which is more effective than the IB in securing entry at UK universities.

We are currently offering one-year courses in the following A-Level subjects:

  • A-level Mathematics
  • A-level Economics
  • A-level Physics
  • A-level Chemistry
  • A-level Biology
  • A-level Further Mathematics
  • A-level Psychology
  • A-level English Language and Literature
  • A-level Law
  • A-level History
  • A-level Greek

The A-level programme is taught at both Athens and Kifisia over a 32 week period starting around 1 October each year. The courseload is between a total of 5 and 6 teaching hours per subject per week. Class schedule is finalised in early September each year but, in general, classes start at 4 pm on weekdays and are organised in two sessions per week. Tuition fees are 3000 Euro per subject (plus 160 GBP for registration to the on-line support) per annum except for Greek A-level which is offered free of charge (there is no formal teaching but notes are provided free of charge - this is suffcient for native Greek speakers)

Successes at A-levels: Although we have been teaching foundation courses for nearly 25 years, our A-levels programme is only 5 years old. Its main purpose is to achieve student placements at highly reputable institutions where foundation courses are not normally accepted. To this end our A-level programme has already achieved its purpose and we already feature offers and admissions from the best universities in the UK. In 2011, Giannis Stylianidis was admitted to study Mathematics at Hughes Hall College in Cambridge, while in 2012 we had offers for Economics from St Edmunds College, Cambridge and for Economics and Mathematics from the London School of Economics and from Warwick. In 2013 Michael Sinoplis was admitted at Imperial College to study Mechanical Engineering. In 2014 Rafael Koumarianos achieved A*A*A* and was admitted to study Mathematics at Cambridge University, Stefanos Agiotakis achieved A*AAA and was admitted to study Medicine at Manchester University and Tim Evans achieved A*AAA and proceeded to study Mechanical Engineering at Southampton. In 2015 Giorgos Terezakis was admitted to study Mathematics at Cambridge having achieved A*A*A* and Ioannis Kalamaras achieved A*A*A and the Edexcel prize of the year 2015 by scoring the highest grade in the world in A-level Mathematics. He was admitted to study Economics at Bath. Bearing in mind that we have a very small GCE programme with about 20 students each year these outstanding achievement are indicative of the support we give our students.

For more information contact Dr Valsamis on 210-5243600.

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